Young woman in Bataan opens home to more than 40 dogs

SAMAL, Bataan– A young woman has opened her house at the middle of ricelands here as sanctuary to more than 40 dogs she rescued for almost three years.
“Our house is now a home by dogs and no longer by humans,” 36-year old Jonah Lynn Enriquez said in jest while showing dogs, some with puppies, inside the bedrooms of her four children and in a big portion of their house.
Some of the dogs have given birth while in the sanctuary.
Most of the dogs she is taking care of are AsPil or Asong Pilipino while one is a Shih-Tzu and another a Syberian Husky, both adults.
“If I will not do it, who will help the animals? I cannot rely on others. Thus, I have to take care, love and treat these animals like my family because they depend on the people. They should be rescued and open our homes to those animals,” Enriquez said when asked what drove her to take care of the canines.
She said the dogs she has rescued were stray ones, battered and some where owners can no longer afford to spend or have no more time to care for the sick dogs. Some came from Manila dog pound that were scheduled for euthanasia.
She showed the Shih-Tzu that has only one eye, the other removed from operation. An AsPil was hacked and was dying that she rescued after a village head informed her about it.
The Syberian Husky was full of wounds and about to die when the owner gave it to her. She was preparing a space with tiled flooring for it. p>”This dog is accustomed to snow. Thus, the place should be colder,” she said.
“I love and take care these animals with the help of other dog lovers here in Bataan,”Enriquez said.
She has a request to dog owners.
“The dog owners should know the true meaning of how to take care of animals. They should be responsible. The dogs should not be kept on chain or in a cage. But, rather treat like members of the family,” she said.
She urged pet owners to have enough time for the dogs – to play with them, attend to them, bathe them and bring them to veterinarians when needed. Ernie  Esconde/PNA/