VP Robredo should correct figures in video to UN narcotics body — Lacson

MANILA — Sen. Panfilo Lacson on Sunday took to social media his disappointment over the video which Vice President Leni Robredo sent to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs where she criticized the conduct of the administration’s anti-drug campaign.

Lacson, a former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, said that Robredo should correct the figures she mentioned in her video stating that “more than 7,000 people have been killed in summary executions” since the drug war started in July 2016.

Data from the PNP stated that there were only 2,582 killed in legitimate drug operations while the remaining 4,049 were deaths under investigation.

He further said that she did not bother to mention that there were police personnel killed and injured in the same drug war.

“She reported to the UN that 7,000 were summarily executed. Fact is, government side suffered 38 casualties in 2,000 police operations. She should correct it,” Lacson said in his official Twitter account.

He clarified that he had no agenda except “fairness based on facts.”

“I’ve no agenda except fairness based on facts. We owe it to the 28 PNP and AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) personnel killed and 86 wounded in action as of Jan 28, 2017,” he added.

The senator, meanwhile, pointed out that it Robredo’s party mates in the Liberal Party (LP) were apparently using her and leading her to her downfall.

“They are leading her to the quicksand to advance their own political interests. I hope she realizes it sooner than later…Sayang (What a waste),” Lacson said.

Earlier, former delegate to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Francis Acebedo Lopez also hit Robredo for “misrepresenting” millions of Filipinos in her video.

Lopez noted that Robredo, whose “want only painted an impossibly grim image of the Philippine situation if only to attract international attention and action with unfounded claims and unsubstantiated allegations”.

He further said that Robredo “has not only embarrassed our country, she has betrayed the public trust and committed economic sabotage, both punishable under Philippine laws”.

Robredo’s spokesperson Georgina Hernandez, meanwhile, insisted that the Vice President’s video only stated the condition of the Philippines.

She further said that the summary killings have long attracted international attention. PNA –

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