VP Leni broke her silence on false news and rumors vs her family

MANILA — Vice President Leni Robredo on Monday broke her silence on the recent attempts to malign the reputation of her late husband, Jesse Robredo, herself, and their families by spreading fake news and long discredited rumors.

She said rumors and fake news have given rise to increasingly heated discussions in social media over the past few days.

“I would like to take this occasion to issue a firm reminder to all our friends, allies, and supporters that, even in the face of the most brazen lies and most desperate provocations, we must always strive to keep our engagement honest and respectful, she said in a statement posted in her website.

“I understand that this will not always be easy. My family and I have not only been made to endure vicious attacks of the coarsest and most personal nature, but we have also been accused by some quarters of using the same vile tactics that have so frequently and relentlessly been used against us. And I must admit that, personally, I am greatly offended by this constant stream of lies,” she added.

But no matter how offensive or malicious these insinuations may be, she said they must always find the strength and courage to rise above and stay true to who we are.

“It has always been my belief that, in the end, truth will always prevail. So I encourage all of you: Stay strong. Stay true,” she pointed out. “That said, it is increasingly becoming clear that we can no longer simply keep silent and endure.”

She stressed that the time has come to fight back against the bullying and the abuse. Enough is enough.

In the coming days, Robredo emphasized that her camp shall be “studying the various options, including legal action, for a principled response against these.”

“We must put a stop to the massive and orchestrated campaigns of defamation and deceit that have come to characterize our public spaces, particularly social media, of which Jesse, me, and our family have also been victimized,” he explained.

“I urge the countless others who have been subjected to similar attacks, and those who can no longer tolerate the further erosion of truth, to stand with us,” she added.

“We must fight against the lies, the abuse, and the slander we have been subjected to by figures who hide behind anonymity. With the truth on our side, there is nothing to fear. We are ready for this fight,” she said. Sammy Martin/PNA-northboundasia.com