US Navy helps in search for Bohol mayor’s body

CEBU CITY — Two remotely operated underwater vehicles or ROVs were reportedly launched by the United States Navy to help locate the remains of Bien Unido, Bohol Mayor Gisela Boniel on Wednesday.

ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Central Visayas reported late Wednesday afternoon that a US Navy ship arrived at the waters where the search and retrieval operation was being conducted and deployed the two ROVs.

The search and retrieval team could not confirm of any assistance from the US servicemen, but the report said the deployment of the ROVs was in coordination with the Philippine Navy intended to search for the missing body of the slain mayor.

The US Navy is currently conducting joint maritime training exercises with the Philippine Navy here in the waters of Cebu.

An ROV is a tethered underwater mobile device which is highly maneuverable and operated by a crew aboard a host vessel, according to Wikepedia.

Meanwhile, a diver from Bien Unido was rescued by fellow members of the search and retrieval team when he was seen struggling to get back to the surface after losing oxygen.

Mel Quiao, one of the divers hired by the Bien Unido municipal government, was rushed to the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving in Mandaue City where he was treated for decompression sickness.

The TV report said Quiao failed to inflate his buoyancy control device (BCD) jacket to normalize his ascent or resurfacing after he noticed that his oxygen tank was already empty.

Quiao was brought back by other divers to the surface and to the sea ambulance on standby where he was given first aid by members of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation on board. LBG/



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