WASHINGTON — The US government’s recent roundup and deportation of hundreds of illegal aliens may force others into hiding, US House of Representatives Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman said in a press release.

He urged the US Department of Homeland Security to stop and reconsider its tactics.

“I fear that this approach may just force people back into the shadows — many of whom have come here to escape violence, live safely, and ensure their children are protected,” Crowley said on Friday.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began arresting more than 120 illegal immigrants, who have been targeted for deportation because they had exhausted their legal appeals to remain in the United States.

Thousands of illegals from Central America, including many mothers with children, have been apprehended at the US border since 2014. Many say they are escaping gang violence, which has spread beyond cities to rural villages in nations such as El Salvador. PNA/Sputnik /