“Umayka Manen, Ganggannaet/Come Again, Stranger” Launched In International Conference

PANGIL BEACH RESORT, CURRIMAO, Ilocos Norte–“Umayka Manen, Ganggannaet/Come Again, Stranger,” an anthology of Ilokano and English poems, was launched today during the 11th Nakem International Conference, a gathering of scholars, academicians, mother language advocates in Amianan and other parts of the country including Hawaii and the US mainland.

The anthology, second edition, is authored by Peter Labayog Julian of Northbound Philippines News Online and has been described as “obra maestra,” by the literary Ilokano icon, Dr, Aurelio Agcaoili, coordinator of the Ilokano program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

It was the first time that the anthology, published in soft cover by Sania Publications in Manila, was introduced to an international crowd. It is priced at P300. per copy and available at the venue and a bookstore in Laoag City.

Also launched during the affair were books of essays, fiction and poems, like “Ayat iti Panawen ti Alimuteng,” “Daradara dagiti Blalikas,” by Agcaoili, and other poetry books like “Dandaniw ni Ayat,” and “Dandaniw,” with Tagalog translation by Professor Junley Lorenzana Lazaga of the University of the Philippines in Baguio.

In his short remarks during the launching of his book, Julian, a native of Laoag City, who now lives with his wife in California, said that his poems were a reflection or presentation of the country’s economic, socio-political orientation and situations and other matters. Guerrero Coloma/ northboundasia.com