UAE cops still grilling Kerwin Espinosa

MANILA — Authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)in Abu Dhabi need to grill Visayas kingpin Kerwin Espinosa further before they can turn over him to Philippine authorities, Constancio Vingno, Philipine Ambassador to UAE said Tuesday.

In an interview, Vingno said Espinosa, who managed to flee before his warrant of arrest was issued, need to undergo intense interrogation by Abu Dhabi police on the persons who helped him entered the Emirates, who own the flat he stays, and if he is looking for an avenue to expand his illegal drug trade.

“Eventually he would have to find a lawyer, he would have to get the service of a lawyer, but now as we speak he is under investigation and they’re still trying to connect him with some other people who assisted him here,” Vingno said when asked why he is still in the custody of Abu Dahbi police.

“There were also reports saying people would also be investigated if Kerwin [Espinosa] did have any suspicious drug activity as well within Abu Dhabi,” he added.

The ambassador said Kerwin was captured around 10 p.m. Sunday Abu Dhabi time so the question that should be out here was that “who is renting the flat for him so probably some people were assisting him.”

“We really don’t know whether they know Kerwin Espinosa, probably it’s just somebody looking for a place to stay and someone must have offer a place, that we don’t know, so that’s up for the Abu Dhabi police to determine,” Vingno pointed out.

According to Vingno, Kerwin was not using another identity. He was using his passport. This is validated information provided by the PNP, although they have yet to take an audience with the criminal investigation department.

.“I have also requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here and I submitted that request this morning and I hope that they will be able to give a reply tomorrow,” he explained.

He said this was one of those that the Abu Dhabi police were looking at, then it made the situation quite complicated as well if he did illegal transactions here.

“If we find out that he’s involved in drug transaction here in UAE in which case charges will be filed against him in a court trial,” Vingno stressed.

With this, he said, Philippine authorities need to wait for his clearance before he can be brought back to face drug and illegal possession of firearms case.

He added that the information he gathered was that Kerwin arrived in Dubai sometime in third week of September.

The fugitive traveled backdoor probably in Palawan then in Kuala Lumpur and flew to Hong Kong where he got his visa for UAE and then proceeded to Dubai and found his way to Abu Dhabi where his friends are. Sammy Martin/

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