Trillanes has ‘clear’ attempt to destabilize Duterte administration

MANILA — Sen. Panfilo Lacson on Monday said Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV had a “clear” attempt to destabilize the Duterte administration by allowing retired cop SP03 Arturo Lascañas to be interviewed by various media outlets on the existence of the so-called vigilante group Davao Death Squad (DDS).

Trillanes, who currently handles Lascañas, also organized the press conference last February 20 where the retired cop first claimed that the death squad was real. He initially denied the existence of the death squad saying that he feared for the lives of his family.

“It is clear that there is a plot to destab(ilize) the administration,” Lacson told reporters in an interview.

Lacson said Trillanes went as far as bring Lascañas to one media outlet to another just to be interviewed.

“He was hopping from one TV station and radio station to another. And Sen. Trillanes said, during the hearing, that not only senators but the entire Filipino community should listen (to Lascañas’ testimony),” Lacson said.

“They are actually eyeing a bigger audience. Not just within the Philippines but even the international community,” he added.

He further said that it was also unusual for him that there were more international media attending Senate hearings when previous hearings on equally important issues were tackled.

Trillanes denied the destabilization plot several times noting that he only wanted to expose the truth. Lacson, however, said that he did not buy this reason.

“What’s the goal? Just the truth? Come on, we were not born yesterday. All of a sudden your goal is just to expose the truth? For what reason, for what purpose?” Lacson said.

“…I know a destabilization activity when I see one. What is the aim? Why do they seem eager to prolong and extend the hearing? It’s to bring down this administration, he added.

Lacson said that he knew this because he was once part of the destabilization efforts during the term of former Pres. now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“I became part of destabilization during the past administration. It’s normal when you feel an administration is failing the Filipino people. I think it’s incumbent upon us being public officials ourselves and even a common Filipino,” he added.