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Treehouse serves as virtual classroom for Bohol kid

MANILA – One of the biggest challenges faced by both learners and teachers during this time of crisis is the shift from the usual face-to-face class style to online and modular learning, as many countries embrace the so-called “new normal” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, a story of Grade 2 student, Arvin Jay Curangcurang from Brgy. Cabatang, Alicia, Bohol went viral on social media for making things possible amid the pandemic.

Her 22-year-old aunt, Giecel Marie Curangcurang, posted photos of Arvin seemingly enjoying his online class under a treehouse built on a hill.

Since his classes started on August 3, Arvin has been attending the modular learning mode with Giecel as his guardian.

With Arvin’s determination to study, Giecel decided to find a place where a steady internet signal could allow Arvin to attend an online class instead.

Luckily, Giecel found a spot in the middle of a hill with a 4G internet signal.

Arvin’s grandfather built the treehouse on the hill so it could serve as a classroom during his virtual class sessions.

The place has a breezy and peaceful ambiance where Arvin can concentrate on his online school activities.

Giecel said the hill is only five minutes away from their house.

Giecel and Arvin spend half-day on the hill for the class sessions –– from 7:45 a.m. to 11 a.m. daily. 

She said Arvin is very eager and willing to learn amid the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Giecel wished Arvin to finish his studies.

Arvin’s teacher, Maria Jannen Palma Asino, lauded his determination to attend school activities no matter what challenges get through him.

“I’m very happy and proud to Maam Miyay [Giecel] and to my pupil Arvin who found a way to access [internet] signal for the online class, this kid has a good future ahead of him,” Asino said in Bisaya on her Facebook post. 

In compliance with President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive, the education department has postponed face-to-face classes until a vaccine for the coronavirus disease becomes available. Lade Jean Kabagani / PNA –

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