NAGUILIAN, La Union-Two male teenagers are now in police custody after they were caught in the act of sniffing the banned drug
methamphetamine or shabu in an abandoned house in Barangay Baraoas Sur here last Sunday.

Chief Inspector Ismael Gauna identified the youngsters, both 18 years of age, as Kyle Clyde Lester Soriano, a student and a resident of Barangay Mamat-ing Norte; and Clarence Jonas Ramos, an out-of-school youth, of Barangay Ortiz.

The arrest of Soriano and Ramos was made by PO1 Meljun DC Pascua who was tipped by an informant identified as Fraulein Sanchez, an executive director of the La Union chapter of the La Union chapter of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also a resident of Barangay Baraoas Sur.

Salazar said she was outside their family home when she saw the suspects suspiciously entering the deserted house. Upon investigation, she discovered, she said, they were in a drug session and immediately reported the matter to the cop who was on patrol duty at that time.

Soriano and Ramos are presently detained at the police station pending formal charges to be filed against them since they are considered adult and liable to the criminal possession and use of the illegal drug. William Jun Garcia/