Torralba political dynasty loses grip on Badoc, Ilocos Norte

Torralba political dynasty loses grip on Badoc, Ilocos Norte

BADOC, Ilocos Norte — Over the past 15 years, the Torralbas of Badoc, Ilocos Norte ruled this town.

Vice Mayor Thomas “Tom” Torralba, 53, set to reclaim his previous mayoralty position on May 9 but he was knock down by his challenger, Mayor-elect Maximo Cajigal, a former councilor and ABC president here.

His wife, town mayor Arlene Torralba who run unopposed as mayor in previous election also lost on May 9 polls to Vice Mayor-elect Alwyn Rubio, Cajigal’s running mate.

The Torralba couple enjoyed swapping positions as mayor and vice mayor of Badoc town from 2001 to 2010 when Mr. Torralba was a three-term mayor while Mrs. Torralba also served as two-term mayor from 2010 to 2016. During her second term, she ran unopposed. She could have opted to finish her third and final term as mayor but a new tandem represented by Cajigal and Rubio emerged in 2016 elections to run against the Torralbas.

The Torralbas are known as long time ally of the Marcoses but in the 2016 elections, the Nacionalista Party carrying the banner of unopposed Governor Imee Marcos backed the Cajigal-Rubio tandem.

Promising a brand new day and leadership for Badoc residents, Cajigal and Rubio received an overwhelming support from the electorate on Monday.

The Comelec proclaimed the newly-elected officials of Badoc town on Tuesday. b