Toothbrush matches DNA profile of evidence gathered in mayor’s slay

LAOAG CITY, June 30 — A Special Investigation Task Group investigating the June 3 killing of Marcos town Mayor Arsenio Agustin is a step closer to identifying its mastermind.

Result of a DNA examination conducted by the Ilocos Norte Police Crime Laboratory Office released on Friday shows that a personal toothbrush matched the DNA profile obtained from specimen recovered at the crime which include three cigarette butts, and bottles of drinking water and energy drink.

Whoever owns the toothbrush which the police requested not to be identified yet, could probably have a hand in the killing of Agustin and a backhoe operator who tried to help the mayor get in his car when he was being shot.

A report from the police community relations office led by Police Chief Inspector Dexter Diovic Corpuz also states that at least 14 witnesses who saw the killing of Agustin in broad daylight while inspecting a small water impounding dam project in sitio Cabua-an, Mabuti village, Marcos town had already given their sworn statements.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, a seminar workshop on the collections of DNA samples from arrested wanted persons and persons in custody was conducted at the St. Ignatius De Loyola Chapel. The seminar was attended by investigators and Women and Children Personnel’s Desk from the different police stations, Ilocos Norte Criminal Investigation Team, and Aviation Security Group.

Bedalyn Antonio, Forensic DNA analyst, highlighted the importance and significance of DNA examination and proper collection and handling of DNA evidence in helping resolve crimes. Leilanie  Adriano/