Three-day highest heat discomfort possible in Subic area till Tuesday

MANILA — Human discomfort from heat is likely highest in the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) area until Tuesday.

People concerned must exercise “extreme caution” against heatstroke and other ailments as the heat index (HI) in this area may hit 37.3°C on Sunday, 37°C on Monday, and 36.5°C on Tuesday, warned the state weather bureau, PAGASA.

“We expect no rain and the easterlies are prevailing so the HI there can reach those levels — the highest among major cities nationwide during the period,” said weather forecaster Aldczar Aurelio.

PAGASA’s next HI update will be on Monday, he noted.

According to the bureau, HI is the human discomfort index indicating temperature people either feel or perceive as affecting their bodies.

PAGASA said studies show HIs of 32°C to 41°C necessitate extreme caution against possible heat cramps and heat exhaustion.

Given this, PAGASA said continuing activity can result in heatstroke.

Avoid staying outdoors as much as possible, particularly from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. as the temperature in many parts of the country is usually highest during these hours, weather forecaster Chris Perez advised the public.

He also urged people to wear loose and light-colored clothing.

Other experts likewise suggested drinking water regularly to keep the body cool.

If air conditioning isn’t available, they advised people to stay on the lowest floors of buildings and away from sunlight.