Thai police confirm alert from Russia about possible IS members entering Thailand

BANGKOK — Thai police have confirmed the existence of a leaked document about information from the Russian Security Service alerting Thailand’s National Security Council about the possibility of 10 Syrians with links to so called IS militant group or Daesh terrorists entering the Kingdom.

The leaked document is real and the Thai security authorities are investigating the matter, said deputy police spokesman, Police General Songpol Wattanachai.

“I confirm that the Special Branch police had issued the document on the information and shared the intelligence (among the security agencies), and our duty is to verify and do homework or to do related work,” Songpol briefed the media here today.

“Whether they (10 Syrians) really entered (the Kingdom) or not, we don’t know as it is an intelligence report and we have to verify it. Won’t be careless when we get an alert like this, and surely the security measures will be stepped up,” he said.

He said Russia was the only one who sent such warning to Thailand.

The press conference was attended by a big crowd local and foreign media personnel following a leak of the police document issued on Nov 27 about the matter.

The leaked police document was published in a local English news website.

The leaked document said the 10 Syrians travelled to four destinations during the Oct 15-31 periodr, including four to Pattaya, two to Bangkok, two to Phuket and another two to unknown destinations.

The possible targets are Russian interests and those with links to it. PNA/BERNAMA