Dominador Villanueva III, agent-in-charge of the Lucena District Office of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), shows to the media the evidence against Tayabas police chief, Lt. Col. Mark Joseph Laygo (wearing cap), and his subordinates Cpl. Lonald Sumalpong (left), and Patrolman Robert Legaspi (2nd right), who were relieved due to their alleged involvement in the death of two persons, including the son of Sariaya, Quezon Mayor Marcelo Gayeta last March 14, during the presentation at the NBI headquarters in Manila on Thursday (April 11, 2019). Based on the affidavits made by police personnel assigned at the Tayabas City Police, there was no shoot-out and that the incident was allegedly planned by Laygo, and participated in by his trusted policemen — Sumalpong and Legaspi. Also in photo are NBI deputy spokesperson Atty. Auralyn Pascual (seated right), and Mayor Gayeta. AVITO DALAN/PNA