Suspected gun-for-hire killed, companion arrested in Pangasinan

URDANETA CITY — A member of a gun-for-hire group was killed and his companion was arrested in an encounter with policemen at about 12:45 a.m. of April 11 along the Manila North Road (MNR) in Barangay Nancayasan here.

Superintendent Neil Miro, newly designated acting-police chief of Urdaneta City, identified the dead as one Udang Reyes who was rushed to Urdaneta District Hospital but was declared dead on arrival by his attending physician.

Reyes’ companion, Eric Serain, was arrested.

No one was hurt among the lawmen.

Miro said the two suspects are members of Pong Reyes and Giovanni Gun-For-Hire Group based in Urdaneta City. The group is also allegedly involved in extortion activities.

Miro said the group allegedly makes contact with well to do families here and inform them they were hired to kill them but since they pity their would-be victims, they ask for money so they will not do what they were paid to do.

A member of a wealthy family here reported to the police that he was a victim of this modus operandi, which prompted lawmen to set up an entrapment operation against the suspects.

When the money demanded by the suspects was about to be handed to them, they sensed that they were in fact transacting with policemen.

One of them opened fire at the operatives which prompted the lawmen to retaliate, hitting one of the suspects.

Seized from them were a caliber .38 revolver. LEONARDO MICUA/