Supply, prices of highland vegetables remain ‘normal’ amid rains

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — The supply and prices of highland vegetables from this province to Metro Manila and nearby areas have remained normal, the provincial administrator told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Thursday.

Lawyer Noel Ngolob, provincial administrator, said: “The situation regarding vegetable production, supply, and trading in Benguet is normal. Hence, there is no valid ground for highland vegetable prices to increase.”

“We urge vegetable traders and businessmen not to unduly take advantage of the inclement weather for them to increase the price of vegetables coming from the province,” the official said.

The Office of the Provincial Agriculture (OPAG) likewise said there was no reported damage on vegetable crops in Benguet, even as the province had been experiencing continuous rains for the past days due to the southwest monsoon called “habagat” in the Philippines.

Vegetable trading at the La Trinidad vegetable trading post and Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC) appeared normal with an abundant supply of vegetables and a long queue of trucks to transport vegetable products to Metro Manila, other areas in Luzon, and some parts in southern Philippines, including the Visayas provinces.

Amado William, chairperson of the Provincial Agricultural and Fishery Council (PAFC), affirmed the provincial official’s claim that the supply of vegetables in the province has remained normal in a conversation with the Philippine News Agency.

William, also the chairperson of Lengaoan Indigenous Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, said the long queue of trucks in both trading centers even signifies an “oversupply of vegetables.”

As of Thursday, the prices of vegetables per kilo at the trading post are PHP12 to PHP16 for cabbage, RB variety; cabbage Scorpio, PHP20 to PHP25; Chinese cabbage, PHP20 to PHP25; broccoli, PHP20 to PHP30; cauliflower, PHP25 to PHP35; potato granula SXL, PHP24 to PHP28; potato LBR, PHP22 to PHP26; carrots, PHP16 to PHP20; sayote, PHP14 to PHP15; onion leeks, PHP15 to PHP20; celery, PHP50 PHP60; cucumber, PHP4 to PHP8; iceberg lettuce, PHP25 to PHP30; romaine lettuce, PHP70 to PHP80; and Benguet beans, PHP40 to PHP50.