Stay positive to conquer cancer

HIDERABAD — Stay positive and drive away negative thoughts in conquering cancer, Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, a cancer survivor, said here Sunday.

“It was painful and tough journey. If I could do it, you too can do it,” a release quoted her as saying at a debate jointly organised here by FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Apollo Cancer Institute and Cure Foundation.

Speaking about her successful battle against cancer, she said she used to consider chemotherapy as vitamin shots.

“Divert your mind. Do what you want to do. Watch comedy films, read, have a party atmosphere at home. You can easily conquer the cancer,” Koirala said.

She ensured that she stayed positive all through her journey of treatment, she said.

The other panelists included Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Institute. Noting that 55 percent of cancers are preventable as per WHO, Reddy stressed that screening and early detection are important.

Don’t fear illness and don’t fear cancer and fear only finding it out late, a doctor on the panel told the audience.

“If you have cancer, don’t hide it. Speak about it openly. Lot of family members hide it from patients. That breaks the trust, which shouldn’t be done. Patient needs to be prepared mentally for the treatment,” the release quoted another doctor as saying.

Stressing on the importance of nutrition, the release quoted doctors as having said that it plays a very a crucial role in prevention of cancer and recovering from cancer.

“Balanced nutrition reduces chances of developing of Cancer. Let cancer patients eat anything which is easily digestible. More liquid food is preferred. Good consumption of hydratives and water is important,” the doctors said. PNA/