Statement of President Rodrigo Duterte on the burial of late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani

MANILA — Statement of President Rodrigo Duterte on the burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani:

Well, it seems to be a very raucous issue for the nation but I would like to pray that everybody would find a space in his heart for forgiveness.

And for those who have been somehow hurt or injured that they can take some other…For those detained for so long and suffering you have this option to file a case against the late President Marcos. You know, the sins cannot visit the children and liability is always personal. That’s a principle of law na sinusunod natin.

Sana at the day of the burial, they might just want also to stretch more of their understanding of what happened to our country. I think that’s…You know I was…Ang isip ko noon when I decided is we have divided nation although not that widespread. But you can be very sure that all the Ilokano-speaking people are really hurt, they are dismayed and it’s been there floating like a flotsam, we have to decide once and for all.

And me I was just being legally strict about it. President Marcos was a president for so long and he was a soldier. So that’s about it. Whether or not he performed worse or better, there is no study, there is no movie about it. It’s just the challenges and allegations of the other side which is not enough.