Special discount privileges for public school teachers sought

MANILA — Lawmakers from Ako Bicol Partylist have filed a bill granting discount privileges in transportation fares and health services to public school teachers.

House Bill 801, authored by Reps. Rodel M. Batocabe, Alfredo A. Garbin, Jr. and Christopher S. Co, directs all government-owned and -controlled corporations or private entities, owning, operating or managing public transport facilities to give priority to public school teachers and provide them at least a 20-percent discount on all transportation fares within the country.

The bill, to be known as “An Act Granting Discount Privileges And Other Benefits To Public School Teachers And For Other Purposes”, also mandates drugstores and drug companies to extend to public school teachers a discount of not less than 20 percent on the cost of medicines and supplemental vitamins.

The bill defines “public school teacher” as a Filipino citizen who is a permanent resident of the Philippines, an employee of the Department of Education, whether permanent, temporary, casual or contractual, with an income of not more than PHP60,000 per annum and does not own real property with an aggregate assessed value of more than PHP20,000.

Public school teachers shall also enjoy a minimum discount of 20 percent on rentals for lodgings in hotels, motels, inns, pension or other lodging houses, as well as on the cost of food served in cafes, cafeterias, refreshment parlors, restaurants, soda fountain bars and similar establishments.

A minimum of 20 percent on admission charged by theaters, cinema houses and concert halls, circuses, carnivals and other places of amusement shall likewise be granted to public school teachers.

They also get to enjoy a 20-percent discount on any hospital, gym or other facilities offering physical fitness programs.

Aside from these discount privileges, public school teachers shall be given priority by government lending institutions in the grant of loans not more than PHP20,000 intended to provide capital for businesses and other income-generating projects.

Under the bill, the discount privileges and other benefits mentioned shall apply only to the personal account of the public school teacher in payment for services and goods actually used by him/her. PNA/northboundasia.com