MANILA — South Pacific Inc. declared its liquified petroleum gas (LPG) facility safe in Calaca, Batangas after it was engulfed by a fire Saturday.

“The tanks were built based on US engineering and safety designs. They are set in sand and enclosed in a concrete barrier. The tanks did not fail or burn. As expected, the tank’s flare headers were the ones that controllably burned the gas coming out, as the pressure relief valves also did their job and opened up,” South Pacific Inc. spokesperson Engineer Ronie Badidles said in a statement Monday.

However, he bared the “flare headers are still burning off the gas until it runs empty.”

Badidles clarified the explosions were due to the initial pressure relief valve discharges.

The fire started at around 4:00 p.m., Saturday, then was contained at 4:00 a.m. on Sunday.

South Pacific further said the fire marshals allowed the leftover gas in its tanks to burn off through flare headers, which are safety devices in the tanks that burn the gas in a controlled manner.

The company also bared there were no fatalities, but two employees who attempted to put out the fire were hurt.

“They were injured as they bravely tried to put out the initial flames. But they’re now okay and resting in the hospital. They did not suffer any burns,” Badidles said.

Other properties, such as storage tanks and products, were also damaged by the fire.

On the other hand, the company stressed the facility was already operational, but refused to disclose how much losses it incurred from the fire.

The firm also apologized to the residents of Calaca for the disturbance the fire brought, including the roaring fire engines.

The LPG facility is located at the Phoenix Petroterminal Industrial Park in Brgy. Salong, Calaca. Juzel Danganan/PNA/