Sotto finds muscle pain killer spray as ‘unusual suspect’ in deaths in Pasay concert

Sotto finds muscle pain killer spray as ‘unusual suspect’ in deaths in Pasay concert

MANILA – Senator Vicente Sotto III said on Tuesday a muscle pain killer spray could be the “unusual suspect” in the death of some of the five persons who collapsed and died of heart attack during the CloseUp Forever Summer concert in Pasay City last May 21.

”Teenagers and young adults are not usually victims of sudden heart attacks. Who or what is the villain in this tragedy? The usual suspects are drug pushers; and ingestion of illegal drugs and substances as causes of their deaths,” Sotto said in a privilege speech.

Sotto said topping the list of abused substances is methylennedioxymethamphetamine, otherwise known as “ecstasy” but “there is a newcomer in the list of suspected killer substances.”

The former chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board (DBB) is referring to “WariActiv,” a well-known muscle pain killer that is being sold even via the internet for Php750 up to Php1,500.

”It is promoted at the internet for people who go to rave parties and just want to be happy. I therefore endorse for scrutiny and test, to the DBB, PDEA, the Food and Drug Administration this item to determine the need for some protocol for its purchase,” Sotto said.

Sotto said the “WariActiv” is billed as laughing gas and “internet news reveal deaths in its misuse in other parts of the world.”

”This could well be one of the drugs or substances used by some of the victims in the concert,” the reelected senator in the last May 9 elections said.

Sotto called on his colleagues to act immediately on the abused substances, proposing investigations in the next 17th Congress.

”If we do not act immediately, we might be facing the drug problem with catastrophic proportions. Even if we remove all the pushers, we will be defeated if we do not embark on a serious nationwide rehabilitation program and a massive prevention program nationwide,” he said.

The five party goers who died in the Pasay concert were identified as Bianca Fontejon, 18; Ken Migawa, 18; Ariel Leal, 22; Eric Anthony Miller, 33; and Lance Garcia, 36.

Since the 16th Congress is set to adjourn sine die next week, Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano referred the privilege speech of Sotto to the DDB.

In a media interview, Sotto said the awareness against banned substances and illegal drugs should be taught in the schools. Jelly Musico/ PNA/