Sereno’s verified answer ‘litany of lies, lame logic’: Gadon

MANILA — Lawyer Larry Gadon on Thursday filed before the House justice committee his own reply to the verified answer of Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, whom he accused of telling “more lies and more lies”.

In his 32-page reply, Gadon described Sereno’s verified answer as a “litany of lamentable lies and lame logic,” designed to maneuver her escape from impeachment.

Gadon refuted Sereno’s argument that the acquisition of a Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 model was neither an extravagant purchase nor an illegal use of public funds, noting that the issue is about propriety of purchasing a luxury vehicle with public funds.

“The top-of-the-line 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser which costs the general public PHP5.1 million is not extravagant? Is she too high a public official to ride a Toyota Hi-Ace which costs less than half, and which has been the customary vehicle for justices of the Supreme Court, including chief justices,” Gadon said.

“In the entire 116-year history of the Supreme Court, it is only now that a chief justice has ordered the purchase of such a luxurious vehicle,” Gadon added.

Gadon also maintained that Sereno allegedly falsified three SC resolutions by making it appear that the contents of these resolutions were agreed upon by, and reflect the final consensus of the Court En Banc.

“That the resolutions are supposedly based on Respondent Sereno’s notes does not necessarily mean that her notes reflect the actual consensus reached by the Court En Banc because what she writes down as her notes are her views, and not the prevailing views as voted upon by the majority of the members of the Court,” Gadon said.

Earlier in the day, Sereno’s camp filed before the House justice committee a letter asserting her right to confront and cross-examine witnesses against her.

Sereno, through her lawyers, cited House rules allowing both “examination” and “cross-examination” of witnesses during the determination of probable cause of the impeachment proceedings.

The Chief Justice also maintained her call to the House justice panel to dismiss the verified impeachment complaint against her for lack of factual basis. Filane Cervantes/PNA –