Sen. Gordon hits UN, foreign media for highlighting unresolved deaths in PHL

MANILA — Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon on Monday slammed the United Nations (UN) and foreign media for highlighting unresolved deaths in the Philippines, noting that deaths in other countries have it far worse.

Gordon cited that the US city of Chicago alone has a total of 545 unresolved deaths, compared to the reported 3,000 unresolved deaths across the Philippines.

“Chicago city has become the crime capital of the USA. As of 2016, Oct. 1, 2016, there have been 545 killings in Chicago. In the Philippines, there are 3,000. That’s for the whole country,” Gordon said.

He lamented that the UN and foreign media seemed to be mum on these deaths in the US and other countries and only scrutinize those in the Philippines.

“One killing is bad but nagmamagaling ang puti (the whites are patronizing). Let him without sin cast the first stone,” he added. “Why is UN not questioning the US for the Chicago killings?”

Gordon insisted that the rule of law is still present in the Philippines as the Senate continues to investigate on the killings.

“The rule of law is still amongst us. The problem is the rule of law will only happen kung may testigo (if someone will testify),” he added. Azer Parrocha/