Sen. Angara joins call not to show alleged De Lima sex video

TACLOBAN CITY- Legislators who are planning to show the alleged sex video of Senator Leila De Lima at the House of Representatives’s public hearing should think twice, Senator Juan Edgardo Angara said on Friday.

Angara said that as a form of decency, legislators should play the video in private and not in a committee hearing covered by the media.

“I think they should think of it carefully. If ever they decided to watch it, maybe they can do it in private. When it is covered by the media, it is shown to children in news programs and it doesn’t set a good example,” Angara said.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said the supposed video involving De Lima and her former driver Ronnie Dayan was relevant to the House Committee on Justice’s probe on the proliferation of drugs inside the New Bilibid Prisons to determine if they really had a relationship.

The plan has been receiving negative response, saying that showing the allege sex video is disrespectful and unlawful.

Among those who oppose the move to show the alleged sex video are the lady members of Senate who said that it will violate Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act and members of the House of Representatives should have sympathy to women and learn not to meddle with others personal life.

Female members of House of Representative, in a statement, also called for members of Committee on Justice and the leadership of the House to let “interparliamentary courtesy and decency prevail in the ongoing investigation on the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison.”

But House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aquirre II defended their plan, saying that there was nothing wrong with it and this would help them establish the involvement of the two in the illegal drug trade inside New Bilibid Prison.

Angara is hopeful that the ongoing investigation on illegal-drugs trade and extra-judicial killings should lead to the reform of the present justice system of the country instead of bringing out personal issues.

“A lot of people here feel that they won’t get justice through the court. If ever, it would be a delay justice or a justice that is susceptible to be bought or sold to the highest bidder… this is the serious problem that we should be confronting,” Angara said.

Angara visited Tacloban for a speaking engagement for the 6th Regional Business Summit held at the Eastern Visayas State University attended by college students from private and public tertiary education institutions in Eastern Visayas. PNA –