Scout Rangers feted for good showing in UK exercise

MANILA — The Philippine Army (PA) on Monday held a recognition ceremony for eight members of the First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSSR) for their exemplary performance during the Exercise Cambrian Patrol (EX CP) 2018 held in Wales, United Kingdom.

Lt. Col. Louie Villanueva, Army spokesperson, said the exercise was conducted last October 8 to 20.

The eight-man patrol team from the FSRR ranked 4th out of 139 teams from 28 different countries who participated in the event.

The members of the team are 1st Lt. Billy C. Codiam, team leader; Sgt. Jenifer D. Alan, assistant team leader; Sgt. Emmanuel E. Cabaron, radioman; Cpl. Romero P. Sadava, guide; Cpl. Alexander C. Parongpong Jr., contact man; Pfc. Ernie B. De Guzman, assistant radioman; Pfc. Arnel B. Ombayan, lead scout; and Pvt. Edje K. Tingabngab, tail scout/aid man.

The FSSR members were honored during Monday’s flag-raising ceremonies in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

“Prior to their selection, the Rangers have to first beat other local Special Operations Forces teams from the Special Forces Regiment and the Light Reaction Regiment in a selection process patterned after the EX CP,” Villanueva said.

The EX CP, an annual event that began in 1959, is a long-range patrol exercise open to international participants, and is considered as one of the most arduous military events designed to test leadership, field craft, discipline, and both mental and physical strength.

“The Philippine Army in its pursuit of becoming world-class always take the chance to participate in various military exercises or competitions not only to acquire and develop new skills but as well as foster good relations and camaraderie with other armed forces,” Villanueva added.

Meanwhile, PA chief Major Gen. Macairog Alberto, said he was proud and grateful for the accomplishment of these Scout Rangers.

“The CGPA (Commanding General Philippine Army) is grateful (for) the accomplishment of the Rangers. He said that the effort and determination of the team makes the PA proud and reflects professionalism which is the major goal of its transformation,” Villanueva said.