Scenes along Mendiola St. on Bonifacio Day

MANILA — Demonstrators who came from Quezon City caused heavy traffic along España Blvd. in Manila Wednesday, as they marched toward Mendiola St. near Malacañang Palace to protest the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The absence of traffic policemen did not help at all, after Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada sacked all members of the city’s traffic bureau last Monday over allegations of corruption.

Vehicles along España went several ways, looking to escape the main road, only to be trapped in smaller paths for nearly two hours before reaching Manila City Hall.

The gathering of protesters was however peaceful, with anti-Marcos groups and pro-government supporters refraining from verbally bashing each other and holding their peace, even under the searing heat of the sun.

A man in his 70s who said he is a real admirer of national hero Andres Bonifacio said, “Do you know why Bonifacio looks so angry while waving his bolo in one of his monuments? He is asking why he was not buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani when he gave his life for the independence of the Filipinos.”

Meanwhile, some old-timers described this year’s celebration of the 153rd birth anniversary of Bonifacio in Manila as low-key, marked only with the laying of flowers and wreaths at the hero’s monuments in Plaza Lawton, Mehan Garden and Tutuban and not much else. Lily Ramos/