Santiago City tricycle drivers undergo values enhancement awareness seminar

SANTIAGO CITY, Isabela — A group of tricycle drivers in the city have undergone values enhancement and awareness seminar sponsored by the city government.

Rogelio Marzan, head of the Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS),on Monday said the seminar was conducted to ensure that tricycle drivers in the city will carry with them the values in giving public utility service to the passengers.

Marzan said that he recommended the seminar to the local chief executive and approved it seeing the importance of enhancing the values among tricycle drivers.

The seminar will be conducted in batches to ensure that all tricycle drivers have undergone a values enhancement seminar.

Among the topics discussed are avoid arrogance among passengers, providing courteous to passengers, avoid reckless driving, and several others, including traffic rules and regulations while in the city streets.

Marzan said the seminar also aims to make the city a place of disciplined tricycle drivers.

The DPOS official has urged the tricycle drivers to always carry with them the values they have learned and in serving passengers with courtesy and respect.

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