WARSAW — Huawei achieved gratifying results in 2015 year in central eastern and northern European regions as far as consumption of its products is concerned.

The delivery amount of smartphones reached more than 3.46 million and observed an increase of 114 percent compared with the same period last year.

The expected terminal business overall sales revenue grew more than 60 percent, out of which mobile phone sales grew more than 125 percent on year-on-year basis, said Wang Yanmin, President of Huawei CEE and Nordic Region Consumer BG, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

According to Huawei introduction, in 2015, the flagship Huawei’s smartphone model P8 reached the delivery amount of 200,000 in this region, and noticed an increase of 60 percent compared to last year’s P7 model.

The bestselling model P8 LITE, already shipped in 750,000 pieces, is expected to reach 1.15 million within the product’s life cycle. According to the third-party, a market research company GFK and their latest reports, Huawei’s smartphone market share in Poland exceeded 19 percent, ranking second, while in Finland it reached 12.5 percent.

Wang says, the fast growth of business scope in CEE region has benefited from the long-term cultivation of Northeastern European region and a clear brand strategy.

For many years, Huawei has been cultivating the overseas terminal markets. Currently, Huawei’s mobile phones sales are conducted in more than 170 countries and regions all over the world.

On the other hand, Huawei’s focus on elegant, refine, competitive products strategy, is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and R&D; which enables the company to provide consumers with the ultimate, unique user experience.

Through the “brand story” policy, Huawei improves the brand awareness of costumers as far as Huawei’s cell phones are concerned. In November 2015, in the Poland’s capital city Warsaw, Huawei announced the formal signing of a contract with the Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich’s star striker, Robert Lewandowski.

Lewandowski therefore became the Chief Brand National Spokesman of Huawei’s terminal brand in Poland and Northeastern Europe. Huawei highly values the incessantly growing inspirational spirit represented by Lewandowski.

In the Czech Republic, Norway, and other countries, on the other hand, Huawei has also established cooperation with well-known hockey star, Jaromir Jagr, Norwegian ski champion, Therese Johaug and others; therefore enhancing the brand image, reputation and recognition.

Up to now, Huawei’s brand awareness in the Northeastern European countries averaged more than 60 percent, while in Serbia and other neighbor countries, it reached more than 90 percent.

Moreover, Huawei’s flagship model P8 has also won the professional media awards in many Northeastern European countries, such as Denmark’s Top2 mobile terminal website – Mobil. Nu “Editor’s Choice” award granted to P8 model and “Top Role” award, or Swedish reputable Digital Life — online technology website and offline media “Editor’s Choice” award.

The 2015 year’s flagship model, Huawei Mate S with its outstanding design, powerful hardware and smooth user experience has gained wide acclaim from the global media, in Poland, and after only one week since being introduced to the market, it won a praise of authoritative technology magazine CHIP Poland and was awarded “Best Choice” award.

In 2015, Huawei made his second consecutive appearance on Interbrand’s best global brands ranking.

In addition to this, Huawei focuses on R&D investments and reserve personnel training, cooperates with local universities in implementing the “Future Seed” ICT personnel training projects. The cooperation includes prominent universities, such as Warsaw University of Technology, Poznan Polytechnic, Poznan Supercomputing and Network Center and is constantly attracting talented people.

Wang says, main reason why Huawei was able to stand out in the competitive market, is its continuous R&D investments, and the emphasis put on product’s leading technology and leading quality. Another reason is the global marketing and development platform, while the third important factor is the constantly advancing spirit of the corporate culture. PNA/Xinhua /