Sacrifices of soldiers on Xmas duty appreciated: AFP chief

MANILA — As the nation celebrates Christmas Day, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff, Lt. Gen. Benjamin Madrigal, told soldiers on duty during the holidays that their sacrifices in protecting the country is very much appreciated.

“While most of us will be away from our families in this festive holiday due to our respective duties, I still hope that we can all find time to get in touch and remember that our sacrifices will ultimately reach home one way or another,” Madrigal said in a message forwarded to reporters late Monday.

He also took the opportunity to greet every soldier, airman, sailor and marine a very Merry Christmas.

“On this day, let us remember Jesus Christ, (was) born unto us to lead among His apostles, disciples, and friends; whose immersive and inclusive leadership and sacrifice continue to inspire nations to this day,” he said.

The AFP chief also greeted “fellow workers” in the government a happy Christmas.

“I hope that in each one of us the fire of public service, humility, and compassion is rekindled and fanned by this celebration,” he said.

And while sworn to defend the country against all threats, Madrigal also expressed his wish for a peaceful celebration and conclusion of the Yuletide holidays.

“Lastly, I wish for the peaceful and joyous celebration for every Filipino and every community that share in the happiness of this occasion. The bliss of this season encourages every soldier to continue to work even harder in the performance of our mandate. In this season of love, hope, and thanksgiving, may we all come together as one to fulfill our dream of a more peaceful and prosperous Philippines,” he said.