MOSCOW — Russia and Iran have confirmed mutual interest in the construction of new power units for nuclear power plants (NPPs) in the Iranian territory, officials of the general executive for the construction Russian corporation Atomstroyexport told TASS on Wednesday.

“Russia and Iran continue discussing cooperation in providing technical services for the Bushehr NPP,” an official said, adding that Russia will continue providing technical support for the first power unit safe use.

“Russia and Iran confirm mutual readiness for cooperation in accordance with the agreements signed in autumn 2014,” the organization said.

In November 2014, Russia and Iran signed a set of agreements to build eight nuclear power units in Iran. Russia will also produce nuclear fuel for Iranian NPPs during the whole service life of the eight new power units.

In particular, a contract signed to build the second line of the NPP Bushehr, envisages the construction of two nuclear power units with possible expansion to four power units.

Situated on the Persian Gulf coast, Bushehr NPP with 1,000 MW power capacity became first NPP not only in Iran, but also in the whole Middle East region.

German company Kraftwerk Union AG began to build nuclear power plant Bushehr back in 1975. After the 1979 February Islamic Revolution the concern broke the contract with the Iranian counterparty in 1980 over the German government’s decision to join the US embargo on equipment supplies to Iran.

Russia and Iran signed a deal to finalize first power unit at Bushehr NPP on Jan. 8, 1995 and an addendum to the contract to complete turn-key construction of the plant by Russian company Atomstroyexport was inked in 1998. PNA/TASS