Rural bank in Pangasinan robbed of P1M cash

BUGALLON, Pangasinan — A rural bank along the Romulo Highway in Barangay Poblacion here was robbed by unidentified thieves in the early dawn of July 31, carting away close to one million pesos in cash and a laptop, according to the Philippine National Police here.

The suspects barged into the Rural Bank of Anda by destroying the concrete wall of an abandoned house next to the bank and once inside disabled the Circuit Camera Television (CCTV) thereat.

Then they intruded into the money vault room and took away P995,000 cash and the laptop. With the loot, they exited to the abandoned house and made good their escape.

The police said the abandoned house is owned by one Ana Cabanilla, who they will invite to the police station for questioning to find out the people who might have occupied it before the heist.

The robbery was discovered by Noel de la Cruz, 54, the bank security guard, at 8:05 a.m. that day.

Found inside the bank by policemen who investigated the incident were two hydraulic jacks, four face masks, three pieces of gloves and three jogging pants, one sando, one iron hand saw, one drill for concrete, four hand saw blades and others which they bought from a mall in Dagupan as evidenced by receipt of these items found by the police.

Investigation of the incident is still ongoing. Leonardo Micua/