ROTC should be an option, not a requirement: Marcos

ROTC should be an option, not a requirement: Marcos

MANILA — Senator Imee Marcos said Friday the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program should be a college option rather than a high school requirement for graduation.

Marcos said the absence of community service subjects in the curriculum of the ROTC program would make it “overtly military”, as she pushed for the “Citizen Services Program” bill, which makes military training an option for college-level students instead of a requirement for those in Grade 11 and 12.

She noted that civic involvement, and not just mandatory military training, can enhance discipline and patriotism among the youth.

“You can’t legislate nationalism or force kids to be soldiers,” Marcos said.

The senator cited some possible inadequacies of the ROTC program, which include the absence of a follow-up retraining program that would upgrade the skills of ROTC cadets after completing their basic education, as well as a database that can efficiently keep track of former ROTC cadets who may need to be drafted for military service.

Under her “Citizen Services Program” bill, students who opt for ROTC training would be granted free health insurance and medical services.   Filane Mikee Cervantes / PNA –