HOUSTON, Nov. 15 (PNA/Xinhua) — With the absence of Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley, the Houston Rockets lost to the Dallas Mavericks at home on Saturday night.

The Rockets’ performance was well under par in the first half with poor defense and shooting, and this led to the team’s failure in the first quarter and the second one. The Rockets was left behind the Mavericks 34-57 in the first half. With the game on the line, the Rockets stepped up big time and led in the second half with a score of 64-53. Unfortunately, the Rockets had no chance to win the game by having a 12 point gap with the visiting team.

Rockets coach Kevin McHale was very disappointed with the Rockets’defeat, saying that “This is as bad as it can get” and “I can’t imagine it getting much worse than that.”

James Harden scored 25 points with seven rebounds and 10 assists, while his teammates Terrence Jones and Jason Terry added 23 points and 19 points respectively.

Raymond Felton led the Mavericks with 23 points; Charlie Villanueva had 19 points.

Currently, the Rockets fell to 4-6 while the Maverickes improved to 6-4. PNA/Xinhua