Robin Padilla’s 5 tips to become a better man

MANILA — He is famous, but was known as a “bad boy”. How did actor Robin Padilla changed to become the man that he is now?

Padilla was once convicted for illegal possession of firearms. In his previous interview, the actor also admitted he was using heroin, an opiate which is said to be commonly used as a “recreational drug” for its euphoric effects.

Years have passed and Padilla became known as a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. The actor says he supports the President’s advocacies, especially the administration’s fight against illegal drugs and corruption.

What did he do that “change has come” to his life? Padilla shared the following tips to the Philippine News Agency.

1. Know God.

“You must have faith, no matter what religion you belong. Because faith will be your foundation,” he said.

2. Find yourself.

Padilla explained that sometimes, a person undergoes continuous searching, thinking that he/she isn’t happy or that there is something lacking.

“Find yourself, and discover where you came from. From there, you will discover the kind of person you are,” the actor said.

3. Know your heart.

He explained that one must set rules for himself/herself so the person can assure his/her life has a direction.

“Each of us wants to achieve something. What is your mission? What do you want in your life?” he explained, adding that if a person doesn’t have a direction, he/she might just rebel.

4. Value your family.

“Love your family. While everyone encounters life’s challenges, at the end of the day, we need to be there for each other,” he noted.

The actor cited as an example his situation with his brother, BB Gandanghari. “We may had some disagreements, but at the end of the day, I respect whatever makes him happy,” Padilla continued.

5. Love your work.

“You cannot claim you’re a better man if you’re a burden,” he said. Padilla said one needs to value his/her source of income. Being a hard worker means the person would not need to rely on someone for his/her needs, he said.

Meanwhile, he also told PNA that change must start within the person.

“It must start from you. Then Mayor (President Duterte) is there to help us,” he emphasized.

He cited that oftentimes, President Duterte is being misunderstood. “For example, if he says ‘I will stop corruption and I will kill you’, it doesn’t mean he will literally kill you. It only means he will kill corruption,” he said.

Months ago, Padilla was in the news for apparently asking the Palace not to reveal the names of celebrity drug users.

He, however, was vocal to cooperate, and even urged celebrity drug users to voluntarily surrender. In previous interviews with the actor, he called on the public to tell him if they know of celebrity pushers, and he himself would go to President Duterte and PNP General Ronald Dela Rosa to let them know about these pushers.

For Padilla, people should only blame the drug pushers, as he treats drug users as victims. He believes drug usage is a mental health problem.

Data from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency showed there were 3,510 drug-related cases filed in court from July 1, 2016 to April 20, 2017.

It also showed that cases filed against drug offenders soared 55 percent to 28,734 cases in July to December 2016, from 18,597 cases in January to June in the same year. Ma. Cristina Arayata/