The new Sniper155 and Sniper155R was built to have greater acceleration, light and agile handling, it is styled after the YZF-R1 while in keeping with the Sniper legacy.

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. introduces the latest edition of the Yamaha Sniper, the new Sniper155 and Sniper155R. It brings with it a combination of racing excellence, metropolitan ingenuity, and superior control of your ride.

It was launched digitally on Yamaha’s online platform the Yamaha Stadium. The presentation was aptly themed after sports and entertainment and titled “Yamaha Sports and Style: Ride above the Rev”. Audiences would view the program on a virtual sports news hub that provided details about the latest product, its design and concept, even updates from Yamaha’s racing program.

The Sniper brand has always been lauded for its 2-way versatility of offering excellence on both racetracks and streets. The new Sniper155 was developed to have the Yamaha Racing DNA, with an aerodynamic feel that has a modern, tight, at compact design with a right horizontal feel that express speed like never before. The innovative design shows a massive, powerful, and dynamic movement within the mass forward silhouette with it’s short & upward rear end. The design allows you to have a riding posture that gives impression of solo riding like a super sports bike. Overall, it maintains its masculine & tough image. Its fits the rider who is looking for a high-performance everyday machine that has the latest in technological advancements for lifestyle that is above the rest.

It was tested out on the Carmona Racetrack where Rico Robles was on-site to discuss the different features that makes Yamaha’s ultimate moped. It has an upgraded liquid-cooled 155cc SOHC 4-valve fuel-injected engine, it is now equipped with Variable Valve Actuation(VVA) plus the Assist and Slipper Clutch (A&S), an updated to 6-Speed Transmission, and has Individual Ignition Timing Maps which efficiently draws out the power of the engine. A first for a Yamaha moped. The maps switch when the VVA system is active or inactive and there are separate maps for low speeds and high speeds. This makes the engine easy to use when in gear at low speeds, but also provides lasting pull at higher speeds.

The new Sniper155R keeps the racing traits of the standard version but includes some add-ons fit for city rides. Its exclusive features combine high performance, advanced innovation, with stylish design for a fast paced and comfortable ride.

Special guest and professional racecar driver, Marlon Stockinger, got the chance to test it out and share his experience with the viewers. The similarities the new Sniper155R have with the standard edition are the increased capacity of the Fuel Tank to 5.4-liters, Negative LCD Instrument Panel, and the Low LED Beam Headlight which is mounted to the handlebar that allows it to shine in the same direction as the handlebars, while the high beams are built into the body. And exclusive to the new Sniper155R edition are the Smart Key System, Front Brake with 2-Pot Caliper, a 12V Power Socket, and a Sports Style Seat which is made from a special material for comfort and grip.

Viewers also got to hear from Yamaha Racing Philippines Manager, Mr. Jordan Cornista, and Team Philippines Racer, Masato Fernando. They both shared their continued preparation for future racing campaigns. There was also a big announcement in the program because McKinley Kyle Paz, who was revealed to be the mystery rider who tested the new Sniper155 on the racetrack, will be the 1st Filipino to compete in the FIM CEV REPSOL – Moto2 Category under VR46 Junior Team. After dominating both local and international races with the Sniper150. He became the 1st Filipino to be part of the highly exclusive VR46 and Overall Champion in the 150UB Category of the Asia Road Racing Championship. He now stands as an icon for Filipino racing and the future looks bright for the young rider. PR

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