WHO: Reported use of chemical weapons in Syria alarming

GENEVA — The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday condemned the alleged use of chemical weapons on the Syrian town of Khan Shikhoun, saying that it was “alarmed” at the use of toxic chemicals as a weapon in the war-torn Middle Eastern country.

“The images and reports coming from Idlib today leave me shocked, saddened and outraged,” said Peter Salama, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, in a statement.

“These types of weapons are banned by international law because they represent an intolerable barbarism,” he added.

Located in southern rural Idlib, rebel-held Khan Shikhoun was reportedly struck by toxic chemicals in an attack on Tuesday which killed least 70 people and wounded hundreds more, according to WHO.

WHO warned that the capacity of hospitals in the area to cater to the needs of the wounded was limited amid shortages of medicines and damaged infrastructure.

The Geneva-based organization said it had sent critical drugs such as Atropine and steroids to health care services in the area, and that Turkey-based experts were providing advice on how best to diagnose and treat affected patients. PNA/Xinhua-northboundasia.com