Report grievances to airlines, not on social media: MIAA chief

MANILA — Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal on Monday urged passengers to make sure they report grievances to the airlines first and seek assistance from airport security when problem arises.

Monreal said while the agency recognizes the importance of social media, engaging in it “also requires responsibility.”

“False accusations against people or organizations are sometimes promoted through this venue. One example is the video where a baggage handler was forcibly opening bags inside the bulk compartment of an aircraft. Many are re-posting it as if it happened in our country when it is not true. That incident did not happen in the Philippines,” Monreal said.

“We should realize that in the end, our country’s and our Filipino people’s reputation are at stake” the airport chief added.

Monreal said the airport management remains committed to putting an end to pilferage incidents with the recent security enhancements it has adopted.

Secure belongings

Monreal also reiterated his call to passengers to secure all their belongings before leaving the airport even in a rush.

He urged them to be more mindful of their belongings and check the circumstances surrounding loss of personal belongings inside airport premises.

Monreal encouraged passengers encountering problems to immediately report any incident and seek assistance from airport security.

“We have police help desks in the Terminals that people can approach,” the airport chief said.

Air passenger rights

Monreal said passengers should also read their Contract of Carriage with the airline, which is their airline ticket, so they will know their rights as passengers.

Air passenger rights includes right to compensation for damaged or lost luggage, but with limited insurance coverage, depending on their airline ticket.

For valuables beyond the regular insurance coverage, additional insurance premium may have to be paid to cover valuables declared.

They should also file a written report regarding their complaints directly with the airline concerned, immediately while still in the conveyor area, or within seven days from arrival date.

The airline will then investigate on the report, and will reply to the passenger as soon as possible.

Airlines follow the International convention for air passenger rights.

For concerns regarding Air Passenger Bill of Rights, the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) welcomes written complaints for appropriate action with the Airline concerned. PNA-northboundasiacom