Renovation of Malcolm Square finally begins

Renovation of Malcolm Square finally begins

BAGUIO CITY -– The local government unit (LGU) as Baguio City allocated PHP10 million from the 2014 annual investment plan for the renovation and rehabilitation of Malcolm Square (People’s Park) which has long been a clamor of Baguio City residents.

Malcolm Square is a plaza and a small park, considered as Km. 0 in Baguio City, which is the point of reference in measuring distances from Baguio City to other places in the Philippines.

Malcolm Square was named after George A. Malcolm (November 5, 1881 — May 16, 1961), an American lawyer who influenced the development of the practice of law in the Philippines in the 20th century.

Malcolm, at 35, was appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines where he served for 19 years.

Rehabilitation of the park did not push at the time due to a failure of bidding where bidders were not able to comply with provision of the Terms of References (TOR) despite the allocation approved by the Baguio City Council.

The design of the repair of the park includes the construction of a new stage, improvement of the landscape with plant boxes, lightings and improvement of the drainage system.

The plan of the Malcolm Square is to demolish the structure and to restore the park into its original condition as plaza.

Malcolm Square has been previously declared by the city government as a freedom park; consequently, numerous groups are using the park to voice out their concerns whether or not in support of government programs and advocacies.

The project is expected to be completed in October. PNA/