Region 1 workers gets P30 pay hike

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – Minimum wage earners in Region 1 will get P30 increase in salary starting April 30, according to Nathaniel Lacambra, regional director of the Department of Labor and Employment and chairman of the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB).

Lacambra said that with the P30 wage increase, Ilocos workers will now have daily minimum wage of P340.

He said that Wage Order No. RB1-20 and its implementing rules will be published on April 15 in a local newspaper and will take effect 15 days after the publication.

Based on the new wage order approved by RTWPB, wages in various sectors are now in the following rates; P30 per day for workers receiving P310 daily in establishments employing 30 or more workers; P25 per day for workers receiving P285 daily in establishments employing 10 to 29 workers; P17 per day for workers receiving P265 daily in establishments employing less than 10 workers; P17 per day for workers receiving P256 daily in establishments employing less than 10 workers upon effectivity of the order, and an additional nine pesos per day six months after effectivity of the order; P30 per day for workers receiving P265 daily in agriculture plantation enterprises, and P26 per day for workers receiving P256 daily in agriculture non-plantation enterprises.

“It was decided by the Board to adopt employment size in determining the classification of industries to simplify the wage structure,” Lacambra said.

He said the change will make the administration and implementation of the wage order easier and it was also necessary to conform with the provisions of Republic Act 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act.

“After careful review of socio-economic conditions during public hearings and board meetings, the amounts of increase were determined to balance the needs of workers and businesses,” Lacambra added.

Any increases higher than those agreed upon might lead to more problems in the future, he said.

The existing wage order has lapsed on January 25. It fixed the minimum wage rate at P310 for large companies and commercial fishing, P285 for medium enterprises, P265 for small establishments and agricultural plantation and P256 for micro establishments and agricultural non-plantation.

Once in effect, copies of the wage order and its IRR can be downloaded at the National Wages and Productivity Commission website. Jun Elias/NPN