CAMP BGEN OSCAR FLORENDO, La Union — The total index crimes from January to December 2015 in Region 1 as compared to the same period in 2014 significantly decreased, according to the data compiled by Police Regional Office 1 (PRO 1).

Chief Supt. Ericson T. Velasquez, PRO1 Acting Regional Director, said index crimes decreased last year by 14.19% or 1,559 cases over that of 2014 all over Region 1 comprising Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

The significant decrease in index crimes is a good indication that the Region 1 police is doing their job well despite the 12.9 percent increase in its total crime volume caused by an increase in the total non-index crimes, Velasquez said.

The index crimes comprised of crimes against persons such as murder, homicide, physical injury and rape, and crimes against property such as robbery, theft, car theft and cattle rustling recorded a total of 9,426 in 2015, compare with 10,985 in 2014.

On crimes against person and property under index crimes, records revealed a decrease of 309 and 1,250 respectively.

Meanwhile, in non-index crimes, a total of 24.89 percent, or 6,178, increase was recorded wherein the highest hike was noted on the violation of Special Laws with a total of 4,395 in 2014 and 9,002 in 2015.

Non-Index Crimes include Reckless Imprudence resulting to homicide, physical injuries and damage to property; and violation of Special Laws such as illegal drugs, illegal logging, loose firearms, illegal fishing and local ordinances to include other crimes not included in the index crimes.

Based on the report of the PRO1 Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division (RIDMD), a total of 35,810 crime volume was recorded in 2014 and increased to 40,429 in 2015. PNA /