Red tide alert up in Western Samar

MANILA — The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has raised a red tide alert over Irong-Irong Bay in Western Samar after latest laboratory results showed that shellfish caught in the area have tested positive for paralytic shellfish poison (red tide toxin) beyond the regulatory limit.

In its Shellfish Bulletin No. 17 issued Tuesday, BFAR said all types of shellfish and alamang (Acetres sp.) caught in the said areas are not fit for human consumption.

However, fish, squid, shrimps, and crabs may be eaten provided they are fresh, washed thoroughly, and all internal organs are removed before cooking.

In the meantime, BFAR said that all coastal waters previously being monitored remain free from toxic red tides. Cielito Reganit/PNA/