Recto backs Palace’s ‘no gloating policy’ over PHL’s The Hague victory

MANILA — Senator Ralph Recto on Thursday supported Malacañang’s “no gloating” policy over an international tribunal’s favorable decision on the country’s protest against Chinese incursion in the West Philippine Sea, saying it is the best move because there is no need to amplify a decision whose elements are so loud and clear.”

“If the Palace is curbing its enthusiasm, then it is a mature and reasoned reaction which contrasts sharply to the tantrums thrown by other parties,” Recto said.

“We’re calm and collected. Compare this to other countries who are sending gunboats. What does this say? Let me quote a Chinese saying: ‘He who strikes the first blow admits he’s lost the argument’,” he added.

Recto said there was no need for the Palace “to resort to theatrics to accentuate the obvious.”

“The position of thr Palace is right? After all, the decision had already sent shockwaves throughout the world. So I think it is letting the decision speak for itself. In my view, it did not mute nor magnify it. No need to spin it,” he said.

Recto noted that even former President Benigno Aquino, under whose auspices the case was filed, “was circumspect in his statement.”

Recto said he believes that “there is a post-decision plan by the Palace but it is economical in sharing it.”

“Which is right. You don’t telegraph your punches. You don’t unveil what you plan to do in Twitter installments. You keep your cards close to your chest,” he said.

In addition, he noted that the The Hague decision will embolden the Philippines to assert its settled claims over the territory in “aggressively diplomatic fashion.”

“This is a long game. We have to dig in. This is a protracted struggle that will take years. Hindi ito collection notice na due and demandable kaagad. This requires skillful diplomacy. Ayon nga sa isang Chinese saying, “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill,” he said. Jelly Musico/ PNA/