Public school teachers in Ilocos Norte to get free flu vaccine

LAOAG CITY — With the onset of rainy season, public school teachers both from elementary and secondary schools here are advised to have a flu shot.

Flu or influenza is an acute infection of the respiratory tract that is caused by any of the three types of influenza viruses (A, B, and C), each of which has several subtypes or strains.

Health care providers said flu viruses enter the mouth or nose by inhalation of droplets that are coughed, sneezed, or exhaled out by people with the disease; by direct contact with secretions from infected people; or by touching contaminated objects and then touching the nose or mouth with the hands.

Funded by the Department of Education under the Gender and Development program, the free vaccine is available this August, said Dr. Lloyd Rosquita on Monday.

Ilocos Norte Schools Division Superintendent Vilma Eda said it is very important that teachers are in good health to better serve their learners.