Prosecution, defense panel hope to win case on Pemberton

OLONGAPO CITY — The prosecution and defense panel on the case of US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Pemberton Trial case have both expressed optimism that the verdict will be on their side should the decision be handed down later this day.

Lawyer Rowena Flores of the defense said, that “we are confident that the case will be in the favor of Pemberton.”

She said that the evidence against Pemberton is not sufficient to establish “beyond reasonable doubt.”

“There is no evidence that Jennifer Laude was drowned like what the prosecution said,” Flores pointed out.

She added that most, if not all, of the pieces of evidence were submitted by the prosecution.

“Pemberton believes that truth shall be known and he will be set free,” Flores said.

Lawyer Harold Roque, legal counsel for the family of Laude, on the other hand, said that they are expecting no less than conviction for Pemberton.

“We have all and complete evidences submitted to the court and we expect that justice will be on our side,” he said.

Lawyer Virgie Suarez said that only conviction will give justice to the family and for the Filipino people.

The defense hopes that Pemberton will walk free while the prosecution is praying that Pemberton will be brought to Bilibid Prison.

The Olongapo RTC Branch 74 Clerk of Court is now reading the decision on the Pemberton case. PNA