BINMALEY, Pangasinan — The establishment of the Primemark Binmaley Save More Supermarket on a municipal lot in front of the Binmaley Central School is now nearing reality, according to Mayor Simplicio Rosario.

Rosario told newsmen he already had a dialogue with top officials of the Department of Education (DepEd who agreed to give way to the project on condition that the Binmaley Central School be allocated one hectare of the land being claimed by the municipality.

Rosario said the municipal government, which owns the land occupied by the Binmaley Central School, can only allocate 5,500 square meters to the school.

He admitted that a public hearing for the construction of the supermarket on a lot occupied by the central school was already completed.

Rosario told newsmen he was not expecting a civil case from DepEd against the municipality even if the latter has no title to the land it claimed, except for an old tax declaration that it had.

“DepEd is saying that having no land title, except tax declaration, it behooves that the land is owned by the people of Binmaley. But I represent the people of Binmaley being their mayor,” said Rosario.

Saying that the project is now a go, Rosario said that SM Holdings and Company, which owns Primemark Binmaley and Save More Supermarket, would build two school buildings for the Binmaley Central School at Php 14 million each or Php28 million at no cost to DepEd.

Pointing out that the supermarket is a big boon to the town, Rosario said Primemark’s desire to open business in the town indicated the growing trust and confidence of investors to the municipal government.

The proposed supermarket is a two-storey edifice, each storey of which is connected by an escalator. PNA /