President’s anti-drug campaign has been successful – Palace

President’s anti-drug campaign has been successful – Palace

MANILA –- The Duterte administration’s war on drugs, despite its imperfections, is a success, a Palace official said on Tuesday.

”We just like to summarize by saying that we continue to recognize the President’s campaign against drugs has been successful,” Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said in a press briefing.

Abella noted that “a world record” of more than 600,000 surrenderers is proof that the campaign is effective.

“While it has not been perfect, it gives the government momentum to move on to the next phase,” he added.

Abella said the government is preparing for the disposition of justice and rehabilitation of those who have yielded to authorities.

Aside from the more than 600,000 drug pushers and users who have turned themselves in, more than 10,000 drug dependents have been arrested while 771 have been killed in legitimate police operations, according to police reports.

In his speech during Monday’s National Heroes Day celebration, President Duterte offered a PHP2 million bounty for every police officer who is caught protecting drug syndicates.

Abella admitted that he has yet to see the full detail of the bounty but assured that there will be a source for the reward money for the so-called ‘ninja cops’.

He further said that he has yet to clarify if a policeman who names the ninja cop is also entitled to the PHP2 million bounty.

President Rodrigo Duterte has linked a number of generals, judges, local government executives, and police officials to the illicit drug trade.

The President promised to continue his relentless campaign against narcotics until the last illegal drug apparatus in the country is destroyed. Jelly Musico/PNA/