President Duterte vows to purge government, release next wave of list of narco-politicians, police

President Duterte vows to purge government, release next wave of list of narco-politicians, police

DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte is set to release the second wave of list of narco-politicians and men in uniform as he vowed to “purge” government people linked to illegal drugs trade.

“There would be an ongoing purge sa gobyerno (in government) -– cleansing process -– because of the so many people who are mostly policemen and government officials involved in the (illegal) drug industry,” the President said in a press briefing with the media on Monday night at Hotel Elena.

President Duterte reminded that people in the government have the job to also behave in public.

“I have to pour out a sentiment na nagalit ako (that I am angry), because until now (illegal) drugs is still being made around'” he said.

President Duterte said the second list of personalities linked to illegal drugs is being validated by government authorities.

“Marami pa ho, validation. Kasi pagdating sa akin, galing man sa intelligence community, collated yan eh, ganoon (There are more… it’s being validated. Whether it came from the intelligence community, that’s being collated),” the President noted.

He said the second list would include barangay officials, police and even prosecutors.

“There will be purging actually. Without declaring martial law, I will cleanse this government. Magpu-purge talaga ang gobyerno sa mga may kaso (Government will really purge those with cases),” he added.

Since the release of the first list, President Duterte said people even media are now asking the second list.

He admitted he was surprised at widespread is the illegal drugs industry after many people reaching 600,000 surrendered.

“Nagtataka rin ako bakit? (I am also surprised why?). Eh sa lahat ng Pilipinas, may judge, may pulis, may barangay captain, may konsehal, may mayor (Nationwide in the Philippines, there is judge, there’s police, there’s barangay captain, there’s councilor, there’s mayor),” he stressed.

According to him, the number would not reach 600,000 if there are no government players.

As to the list, President Duterte said it is a raw intelligence.

“But in view of the problem, the seriousness and gravity of the problem, I have to tell the people. And nobody can stop me,” he said.

“I will not allow my country like a flower to wilt. I will not allow this under me. Do not tell me what to do how to run this country,” he added.

Meanwhile, the President warned those people who surrendered that there are enough government men in the field monitoring them.

“Do not commit to surrendering, huwag ninyo kaming paglaruan (don’t play games with us) because I will know,” he said.

He also informed Congress and Supreme Court (SC) that he is not arresting anybody may it mayors, vice mayors, or councilors unless they are caught carrying illegal drugs.

He said people must be caught in the act.

President Duterte admitted their job is not easy.

“Let me explain to the people that hindi ganoon kadali ang trabaho kasi pag hindi yan nahuli sa akto (the work is not easy because if they are not caught in the act), it’s an instant crime just like a firearm, kailangan mahuli ka na may hawak na baril pag hindi wala rin (you have to be arrested holding a gun otherwise it is nothing) and that is what is happening in drugs,” he said.

He further warned men in uniform to never get involve in illegal drugs trade.

With the overwhelming number of personalities who surrendered to the government, the President said he is now at grappling at how to address the huge number.

“Sinong mag-aalaga nito ngayon nitong mga… na resulta ng (illegal) drugs? Sino ang magbibigay ng medisina? Sino ang magpoprovide ng (Who will take care of these people who are of no use? Who gives them medicines? Who will provide) shelter for them because they are crazy already? Drug is a big problem both on the resources, it’s a matter of crime and help,” he said.

He also called on the human rights advocates and the United Nations for them to help him build buildings to house those in need to be rehabilitated.

President Duterte said the government lacks budget because it has never been projected that the illegal drug users and pushers is widespread. PNA/