President Duterte vows to end ‘laziness’ of state workers

TACLOBAN CITY –- President Rodrigo Duterte will enforce stricter rules against lazy government workers by next month as he vowed to get rid of all types of corruption in the bureaucracy within his term.

Speaking to thousands of super typhoon “Yolanda” survivors here late Wednesday afternoon, the President got upset with the performance of some state workers.

“The problem with government is indolence, tamad, tapulan. And most of the people in government take for granted the people’s interests,” the President said in his 40-minute impromptu speech at the New Hope Village relocation in Sta. Elena village here.

He vowed to enforce severe restrictions to fight corruptions starting February in the bid to expedite response to public requests.

President Duterte scolded government officials and employees who work less than the required hours of daily work.

“You have to work for eight hours. You’re fully paid to work. It’s not acceptable to see employees going around in malls after lunch instead of returning to work. You are shortchanging the government. Actually, you are swindling the government and that is punishable under the revised penal code,” he said.

The Chief Executive warned of dismissal of erring government officials and employees. “It’s zero tolerance. No second chance for all.”

Likewise, he directed government offices to act on requests from clients within 15 days or less and work beyond working hours.

“To regional directors, you should be first to report and the last to leave the office,” he added.

The Civil Service Commission was asked to act immediately on administrative cases filed against lazy government workers. Sarwell Meniano/