President Duterte urges LGUs to fight vs illegal drugs

President Duterte urges LGUs to fight vs illegal drugs

DAVAO CITY -– Saying he cannot do it alone, President Rodrigo Duterte urged local leaders from Visayas and Mindanao to do their work in the fight against corruption, crimes and illegal drugs.

This, as he warned the next national elections would involve narco-politics, hinting to barangay polls as its precursor.

“I cannot solve everything… They (narco-politicians) will regain…gagastos ito (they will spend) and they will still be there,” he said.

Speaking before governors, mayors and police officials at the Sulong Pilipinas: Local Governance Series at SMX Convention Center on Tuesday evening, Pres. Duterte told officials that if he does not interdict now it will compromise the current generation and the next.

“(It’s) horrifying buong Pilipinas ito (this is in the entire country),” the President said.

“But then I’ll ask is you – is that what you want?” Ayokong pumatay (I don’t kill) because I cannot build a nation over the bones of my countrymen. And we cannot solve what ails this country by killing people but for this event and for this cause you to do something about it because it will be government to government,” Duterte said.

He said the mayors have the power, the people, money and guns to challenge the duly constituted authority.

“It would now depend on how the mayor, governor or the president would react to the problem. Me? I have declared war and I have ordered the police and military – itinaas ko iyong (I have raised) the state of lawlessness,” he said.

Duterte explained why he named the police generals, mayors, governors and barangay officials during the first wave of his drug watch-list.

“We are in a war of our self. There is an internecine going on,” he said as he showed a thick document containing names of people under the government’s watch-list for illegal drugs that has been validated and revalidated.

He even named one in the list – Mayor Reynaldo Flores of Naguilian, La Union while the name of Chief Supt. Vicente Loot as the name appearing in every region where he was assigned.

Despite criticisms he is getting from the international community, Pres. Duterte said he won’t back off from the fight against drugs, corruption and criminality. PNA/